About Me

I am mother of three children, 2 of them born at home. I feel a midwife in heart, body and soul. When I was 4 years old, my mother decided to have my small sister at home. We were invited to the birth, which we felt as a family event, something ordinary and at the same time extremely extraordinary. It was something  that really amazed me and those feelings came back strong when I became pregnant with my first daughter. I knew just then that I wanted to become a midwife. I wanted to support other women. I did not have any midwifery support in my first pregnancy and missed it much. I believe in the uniqueness of every process, walking alongside  other women as they find their own path to connect with their body and their babies.

I feel such excitement, respect, surprise and so many emotions every day working with women, standing by them and their families. Through out pregnancy and birth, authentic miracles of life. When I support women during labour, amazed by every baby that is born, I feel renewed hope, everytime, in human kind. As a woman myself, I can only work for and with women, feeling  grattitude every time.

The care that is beeing provided to woman in their reproductive processes is too often based on defensive practice, and paternalistic attittudes. Women and babies need our bodies to be respected. From menarchy to menopause, our cicle of life. Birth and labour are physiological events that most times need only the woman, her baby, and a space where they feel safe, supported and sustained ♥. When intervention is necessary and things don’t turn out the way we wished, it is welcome when it is informed, agreed up on, and done with respect from necessity. As a midwife my job is to be there, always be there. I provide information and with information the possibility of making informed choices.

I like to question myself and others; I love to investigate, observe everything in a range that goes from more technical, to emotional, gestural and subtle aspects present at birth. I love to keep myself updated, with constant education and learning, reading, studying and a lot of humbleness. But specially, I learn form every woman I come across with.


I feel fortunate to be able to colaborate and work with so many colleagues in the same path. Together makes us strong ♥. Thank you!!!

From this little corner, emotions, reflections, inquisitiveness, relief, research and specially, hope!!