Breastfeeding support and visits

💜 Breastfeeding is nature’s strategy for human survival. Mother milk is what your baby expects when she is born. However, breastfeeding is somtehing that must be learned. It is instinctive in a little propotion but most important, it must be learned through watching other women nurse, from mothers to daughters…Breastfeeding culture has been pretty much lost in our society for a few decades. Partly because of formula agressive marketing that moves only in the USA around 48.000 million dollars each year. IMG_0648And partly due to separating mother and baby after labour in hospitals, just for routine check ups, or obsolete protocols. The way labour takes place will also influence very much the way breatfeeding might be established. Sometimes complications may arise, and support is needed. There is so much information out there that only makes it more confusing. Antenatal classes must contain bresatfeeding information and tools for the mother to  be able to nurse her child. You can ask for an antenatal private breastfeeding class or come to one of our groups. It’s important to learn about this before baby is born.

Once the baby is born, I can come visit at the hospital or at your home if you are havinng any breastfeeding issues or doubts. The sooner yor look out for support the easier it will be to solve any issue.