💜  In a team of  2 midwives, we will be on call for you from week 37 to week 42. We will get to know each other well previous to birth and be able to discuss any doubts, concerns or desires you might have about your birth. When you go into labour we will go to your home, attend the birth and will stay with you for 3-4 hours after birth.

During antenatal visits we will go through aspects such as pain relief and coping through labour, what to expect, and reasons to transfer to a hospital. Everything will be discussed and signed through a contract. Birthing at home will not mean it is not going to be painful at times or that it will be fast. Every woman needs her own time to labour and that is something we can offer you at home. Hospitals have time limits that just don’t fit every woman and baby. We will be there to support you , hoping you have a possitive and empowering birth experience. Many women describe birthing at home as the most wonderful and powerful decission they could have made.

We will help you through labour with massaging, essential oils, warm water showers and the birth pool. Water is a wonderful tool to help you and your baby through labor. You will feel lighter and more capable of following your body movements. Movement freedom is essential in birth. We will watch everything is unfolding safely listening to your baby’s heartbeat. If any deviation should arise, we would discuss what the options are, or make a safe trasnfer to a hospital. To learn about home bith in Spain, you might want to chek the FB group Parir y nacer en Casa, there might be english speaking women there to talk about their own experiences.Photo credit: Laura Swift photography

We will provide you with the birth certificate, a detailed birth  and labour report and Madrid’s  baby’s Health record notebook.

We will check on you at your home 24 and 48 hours after birth, when we will do the baby’s metabolic heel screening tests. Next visit would be around 1 week after birth, 15 days and 4 weeks postpartum. We will be available on the phone for you through out the whole postpartum period and help you with any doubts you have. We will be checking on your emotional and physical recovery and baby’s well beeing.

There are many sources to help you learn about and check on homebirth: