Midwifery Services

I am an independent midwife. I offer continuous care and evidence based services and information, through pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period, as well as in other areas related to women’s health (menarchy, contraception…) Information is necessary to make informed choices. As a midwife I wish every woman has enough information to be able to make the choices that are best for her.

I believe in the continuous midwifery care model, wich is not the one that takes place in Spain. In Spain the Medical Model of care prevails . Research shows that in straight forward pregnancies and birth, the Midwifery Model of care has better results for women and her babies. We walk by your side through pregnancy, labour, postpartum, breastfeeding and baby’s  early days.

Holistic midiwifery services have also in account emotional, psychological and social needs, as well as physical care and necessities. Emotional wellbeeing is just as important as physical health.


I believe that:

  • BIrth and labour are not medical events but a family event for women and their familes, in transition to maternity.
  • In straight forward pregnancies I believe a woman’s body is perfectly designed to give birth and feed her baby. With close care and no interventions almost everytime it’s going to turn out fine.  When something  goes wrong and the need for intervention arises, it is welcome when it is informed, agreed upon, and  practiced with respect.

I feel and compromise with labour and birth as physiological events. The care I provide is indiviudalized for every woman, recognizing and respecting the desires and necessities of each woman, each family. That way, they can take responsability and control over the unique event that is birth. Where to give birth is something only each woman can decide. Good communication is basic through our relationship.

Through out any of the services I offer communicaction and availability will be continuous.

★ On weeekends (from friday  3pm), and holidays, price for services rises.

★ Some private insurances can cover your midwifery services. We can ask and do an invoice for you to get your money back. 

Pregnancy Visits

In these visits we will be able to get to know each other and talk about anything you need/wish about your pregnancy. Doubts, questions or feelings that might be arising. If it is not your first pregnancy we will talk about how your previous experiences have been. If there is anything you didn’t understand in […]

Labor and birth: Support Dilating at home and at the Hospital

LABOUR AND BIRTH Research shows that continuous support and care through labour, 1 woman – 1 midwife, results better for mother and baby. Women feel more satisfied about their labouring process. Midwives are the best indicated professional care providers to attend normal labour and support women. You might want to take a look at this: Midwife […]


💜  In a team of  2 midwives, we will be on call for you from week 37 to week 42. We will get to know each other well previous to birth and be able to discuss any doubts, concerns or desires you might have about your birth. When you go into labour we will go to […]

Antental birth classes

💜  I offer a complete evidence based antental birth programme. You will have all the information you need to prepare for birth and make birth choices. We will talk and learn about pregnancy, labour and birth, postpartum needs and care, breastfeeding and early days, or the new born’s needs. . We will go through the […]

Postpartum visits

💜 POSTPARTUM VISITS Postpartum is a critical period of great significance in a woman’s life, her partner and the new born baby. In Spain the National Health System can not usually offer home visits after birth. And it is at home where we can best care for mothers and babies and figure out what they need […]

Breastfeeding support and visits

💜 Breastfeeding is nature’s strategy for human survival. Mother milk is what your baby expects when she is born. However, breastfeeding is somtehing that must be learned. It is instinctive in a little propotion but most important, it must be learned through watching other women nurse, from mothers to daughters…Breastfeeding culture has been pretty much lost […]


💜 WORKSHOPS Ask for our workshops. Can be done in group or individually. ★ Menstruation for young girls and woman: know your body ★ Belly mapping ★ Active birth ★ Preparing for breastfeeding workshop NOTAS: