Labor and birth: Support Dilating at home


Research shows that continuous support and care through labour, 1 woman – 1 midwife, results better for mother and baby. Women feel more satisfied about their labouring process. Midwives are the best indicated professional care providers to attend normal labour and support women. You might want to take a look at this: Midwife led care is the safest, Supporting women in labour and the Nice Guideliness for normal labour.


Some women do not wish to home birth but they would like to go to the hospital once all, or almost all the dilating process has been done. Dilating at home has the advantage of beeing in your own space. A well known and safe space where I can help you through dilating with all available tools we have to keep birth physiological and straight forward. Freely moving is the most essential tool we can use. Your body and your baby will let you know how you need to move as labour goes on. We also have massaging, aromatherapy, using warm seed bags, and specially warm tub baths to help you cope thorugh your labour process. You can eat and specially drink anything your body asks you for. Emotional support for you and your partner is also a main aspect of dilating at home. Through dilation we will listen to your baby’s heartbeat to make sure she is coping well. When time comes, I will go with you to the hospital and continue supporting you until 2 hours after birth or as long as you feel you need me. In some hospitals there can only be one person with you (your partner usually), that is why it is very important to choose where to give birth, send your Birth Plan and let them know you will be having your own midwife besides your partner with you. The hospital midwife will be the one that assists your birth. I would be on call 24/7 from week 37 to week 42. I will visit you at home to check on everything on weeks 37, 39, 40 and 41. Postpartum visitis are included in this service, through out the first month after birth. I will check on mother’s physical and emotional well beeing, breastfeeding support, baby’s weight gain and well beeing. I provide physical and emotional care for mother’s recovery, and contraception advice. I will be available on the phone also through out the whole month.