Pregnancy Visits

In these visits we will be able to get to know each other and talk about anything you need/wish about your pregnancy. Doubts, questions or feelings that might be arising. If it is not your first pregnancy we will talk about how your previous experiences have been. If there is anything you didn’t understand in those experiencies we can go over them so you can find answers. Sometimes we have not had that opportunity and it is important that we do.

We will go through your reproductive clinical records. We will talk about how you feel physcially and emotionally. Typical pregnancy issues and what we can do to feel and cope better.  We will check on blood pressure, how your baby is positioned with Leopold manouvres, and listen to baby’s heartbeat if you wish with a fetal doppler ❤. We can go through your medical tests and results: scans, blood tests, etc. and clarify anything you need about them. We can also go through what tests are usually done, if they are necessary or alternatives to them.  We can talk about anything you wish/need and answer any doubts you might be having or might be concerning you.

It is a personal support service for such an important event of a woman’s life: pregnancy. We will try to focus on how physiological and healthy this can be. We are bringing up a new life! We will also find paths to achieve the birth and postpartum we have thought of.581c23a227b5a1d5e0a369045651b1c3

*2 hours long